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I tried to quit smoking by every method I'd known. what finally worked for me was the book 'The Easy Way to Quit Smoking' by Allen Carr (I think that's the spelling). Anyway, I had no withdrawals, and it took, believe it or not, no willpower on my part. This man saved my life, I think. The success rates for readers of this book are roughly 51%, compared to the measly 5-8% of other methods. I'm glad I found that book. I give it to my friends and coworkers, now, and several of them have successfully quit, as well.

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Sorry but you are suppose to post a remedy NOT an advertisement....Give the people some of this Genius' tips


Good for you that this book worked. This book has been sitting on my coffee table for months now being only partially read. The repetition bores me to tears.I take it that it is based on hypnotism. So another mind over matter kind of thing I suppose. I wish my addiction could be that simple.


I just started reading this book, and I think it is wonderful!


'The Easy Way To Stop Smoking' by Allen Carr
The book was recommended to me by a friend who read it and had been smoke-free for several years.
I bought the book read some; got to a part where the author says it may take months to finish, and put it down.
Months later, I put the book in bed with me so I could read before I slept. Well, dozens of novels later, it was still on my bed. In fact, I had to remove it to change the sheets weekly. Suddenly, (18 months later), I decided to read it. But, then I remembered the author said when I finish the book, I will be a nonsmoker. I started to read real slow. I only had one lighter, ashtray and one pack of cigarettes. I went so far as to time my last cigarette with my finishing the book.
I smoked for 50 years, a pack a day. I won't list what I tried to help me quit, but I tried it all.
I stopped 14 months ago. I didn't experience withdrawl; never slipped once and the health benefits are amazing. Do you know how much you stink; your hair, breath, total body, clothes; and the smoke stinks up where ever you are. It took weeks of cleaning with vinagar and baking soda and my apartment was still smelly.
None of the hazards move you to stop, but you'll notice later.
One tip from the book that really got to me was: cigarette smoking is an addition. You are a drug addict.
You can purchase online. Best wishes.


Allen Carr's book worked for me too - sorry for the advertising, but stopping really was easy.


Another good way is to go on a 1 week retreat in a monastery (eg buddhist). Even better : fast for 2 days just before you leave home (nicotine and the physical craving is cleansed from the body after 2 days).

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