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For mouth blisters scratch the blister with a toothbrush to remove 'scab' (which is where the bacteria is) or until bleeding. Then put a clump of baking soda on it and immediately pour vinegar on top. Spit out the mixture and let it set for minute, then gently rinse. You should notice that there is a new scab over the blister. This will sting very badly, but will heal up blister by the next day. No pain no gain, right? I call it, cauterizing.

Another remedy which i found very useful is to do the same thing at first, scratch off the scab. Then chew up a raw clove of garlic and push it onto the blister. This one burns as well. But it is better to burn for a few minutes then to suffer with a blister for weeks.

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I get mouth ulcers alot...and they get pretty big and nasty, but I'd never be able to scrape the top off of one !

Untreated, mine go away in 2 to 4 days... I'd rather have the ongoing dull pain than the unchartered realms of pain that your remedy would take me to. Goo dluck with that one, buddy.


Are you crazy?! The scab is what is protecting the sore, you twit! I shudder to think what you do to yourself if you have a cut or a graze - scarify it with steel wool????



Haha, my blisters never go away in days. 90% of the time i have them for weeks at and they hurt so badly that i can hardly talk or eat.

Thanks for the steel wool idea. And no, the scab is not protecting it... that is what is keeping it from healing because it HOLDS THE BACTERIA IN.

Lady Shallot

Is it me, but ulcers aren't caused by bacteria are they?
They are caused by a virus, Herpes or something right?
Everyone has bacteria in their mouth...


No, the virus one is herpes, ulcers *are* caused by bacteria that get in little cuts in the mouth. Everyone does have bacteria but if you get a tiny cut and don't clean the mouth often enough or have suppresed immune or poor nutrition it can become an ulcer.


ummm plp... ulcers (or at least mine) are caused by my annoying braces...and the best remendie so far that I've tried is rubbing honey on the ulcers.


Seriously?!? A combination of vinegar and baking soda is what we used to use to launch hobby rockets! No sane person would put that on a mouth sore. (Are your parents 1st cousins?)


i hate to say this but my crazy husband tried this after excruciating pains,, and IT WORKED!!!,, not too happy when he was right,, lol..:)


I tried Garlic, it worked 2 out of 3 times, it heals the ulcers over night.
Simply cut a juicy Garlic glove, rub the ulcer with it so that the Garlic juices are absorbed in the ulcer. Next day they are gone.
Chewing on garlic and pushing it to cover the ulcer halps. It burns for a minute - so keep a glass of water handy!

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