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I thought I had ringworm, went to the doctor, took oral and topical medicines. I tried every home remedy but it continued to spread. I then went to a dermatologists and found out I did not have ringworm at all. I had pityriasis rosea. Please google for more info. PR does not spread to the face so becareful with self diagosis.

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I thought I had Ringworm for at least 6 weeks, it started just slightly south-west of my belly button. One sort of round-shaped mark appeared at first, however it was not a near to perfect circle shape, similar to those I have checked out on the internet related to Ringworm. After around 3 weeks or so, various new marks were appearing near and around the first. Most of the new ones that appeared were more or less smaller than the initial mark and all came at the same time. A few new ones kept cropping up, however, this didn't last for very long. Thanks to this comment made, I established that I don't have Ringworm (which would explain why I don't have blisters whatsoever, they dont petrude that much and are not full proper circles but more like edgy-oval shapes). All these symptoms I have established are related to Pityriasis Rosea and if it wasn't for this comment, I probably would have gone out of my mind. Suffereres should make sure they know exactly what it is that they have on their bodies.. because one is fungal while the other is not and one is contagious whilst the other is not. And using anti-fungal creams will not actually aid in getting rid of them, together with all these alternative methods mentioned on this website and others.

SO good luck in finding a solution to your problem, and remember don't use western medicine if you can avoid it. All they give u is drugs that block out the cause of a symptom, rather than figuring out what the core of the problem is and working on that.



i had pityriasis rosea on the face... So, there goes that.

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