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Lecithin can cure even the worst cases of eczema. Lecithin, made from soy, contains healthy levels of Choline (becomes acetylcholine after ingestion). The body uses acetylcholine to make healthy, MOIST, skin, and moist eyes. Scientists now say it may be a key ingredient in putting Alzheimers at bay; it's terrific for aging brain cells, when we tend to make less acetylcholine, and our diets are so full of nutrient wasting carbs/sugars. An acid, sugary diet actually creates and feeds eczema. Primitive peoples, those on primitive lean meat and native plant diets DO NOT GET ECZEMA....but Western Europeans/Americans do! Take 2 Tablespoons Lecithin granules two times per day; mixed in with fruit smoothy or whatever. Alternatively, there are capsules, here you would take a divided dose total of 1,000 - 2,000mg capsules per day until control is achieved, then reduce. Fishy breath may occur, and you can lower dose at this point. No other side effects.

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There are side effects...

Side Effects
Adverse effects usually are not associated with lecithin. However, there have been reports of anorexia, nausea, increased salivation, other GI effects, and hepatitis

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