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peel a garlic, and cut it in four. place the garlic piece into your nostril for 10 to 15 min. inhale the smell, it will open your nose.

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If my nostrils were big enough to put garlic in I wouldn't be congested!


Well, apparently, garlic does something to aid in nasal congestion. And, I would say that this probably works, at least for some, or they wouldn't be shoving pieces of garlic up their noses. :D


Good idea, it worked for me. Thanks


Works alright. burns like hell though.


Thanks I just used the small mixer and inserted diced pieces of garlic in both nostrils and breathed.
Yes, it has a burning sensation but clearing my nose is the objective. I sneezed at first but kept at it.
garlic is a wonder herb and so plentiful.


Ok, I'm miserable.
Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I tried the garlic up the nostril idea. Not bad, at least I got some sense of smell back. And to prevent the burning, i folded my quartered clove in a one ply tissue and placed it in my nostril.


Thanks a lot for this tip. U r my savior. I was suffering severe congestion for past 2 weeks, tried all decongestion medicines... Can't do much since I am 28 weeks pregnant. This helped... hoping to get a good nights sleep after all these sleepless nights! Once again thanks a bunch!


i will try

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