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Depressed & preg

Ugh. As if I'm not already miserable... I'm 8 months pregnant and was just diagnosed. I've never been aware or had reason to think that I had herpes, til now. Guess the stress of pregnancy brought on my first outbreak. Unless I can get this taken care of looks like I'll be having a c-section, which is fine with me if it's what I have to do.

Anyway, besides prescriptions - my Dr. recommended to get pain relief to take an oatmeal/Aveeno (hot) bath. And warned me NOT to use any kind of ointments as they just protect the skin and keep it moist - which is what you don't want to do! I'm trying it tonight... fingers crossed this works. *sigh*

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There is a possibility of delivering naturally. I delivered both of my kids naturally. When you deliver make sure you tell the doc you have herpes, and they can do a vaginal exam to make sure you r not infected at the time of delivery. No infection means natural birth. Also, you can treat the open areas with 100\\% calamine lotion. It is an old school antiitch (pink) formula. It helps with the itching, drys the lesions, and it soothes the discomfort. I dont take any medications for the herpes due to the side effects, so I use the calamine lotion during outbreaks for relief.


Women should NOT use the Calamine Lotion on their vaginal area based on several warnings I read from Doctor's online. Calamine lotion and zinc oxide can help ease the pain and promote the healing process. Only MEN who have genital herpes should use these 'drying' lotions. Women should NOT use these on or near the vagina because these types of dry lotions should not be used near mucous membranes. Use a hair dryer on the genitals to dry them after a bath instead of a bath towel. A bath towel may irritate the genitals and cause the sores to become more painful. The air from the hair dryer may also soothe the genitals and speed up the healing process. Be sure to use a mild heat setting to prevent burning yourself. Use soap and water to keep the genitals germ-free. Wash your hands and genitals with hot soapy water to keep them from spreading to other areas. Wear loose-fitting cotton underwear to ease the pain and itching.


i feel your pain im 7 months pregnant and just found out i have herpes, which i have no idea how i got it, im miserable and did not know this could happen to me, thankyou for your advise this helps and relives some stress bc i thought i was the only pregnant women who got it herpes while she was pregnant, hope all goes well!!!!


I have had herpes for about 7 yrs. still do not know how I got it. My husband does not have them. which is good, I do no twish this crap on anyone!I am 37 wks. pregnant and now I have a outbreak, this totally SUCKS!! Anyway I bought this therapeutic herb manual from my natural health pharmacy. Well so far I have just started to use the lemon balm extract and hoping it works fast! As I do not want a c-section, if I go into labor. Usally my lesions go away within 7 days on their own without any treatment. So I am on day 3. But I am all ready dilating and effaced, So i will just keep praying I will have my precious baby next week:)

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