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An Allspice necklace is a quick and painless way to relieve teething symptoms of fever and crankiness and teeth will pop in faster.

Allspice contains Tanin which is a natural ingredient that tightens the gums!

You will need whole Allspice beads (found in the spice aisle of most grocery stores), dual-duty thread (or elastic) and a small needle. You can also add decorative beads or a clasp, but neither are necessary. Necklaces can be left on 24/7 and only need to be replaced every 3-4months!

Boil the Allspice beads for 7 minutes, drain and string onto thread then tie or fasten around babies neck. You should see almost immediate results! I have been using an Allspice necklace on my 18mo since he was 5m and I have had no trouble with teething. My newest little one just got his necklace put on yesterday!

Baby will still want to chew on things and you may need to use ora-gel (or whatever works for you) once in awhile because teeth popping through is still painful, but you should see a dramatic decrease in crankiness! And it's a cheap should only cost $6-10 and you will be able to make at least 4 necklaces!

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I agree with the rest of you....what a dangerous solution to teething. I see a choking or strangled baby with these. Bad choice.


Awesome idea thank you so much for sharing!!!


Necklaces can be left on 24/7!!! I HOPE I DONT LEV DAT ON UR CHILD 24 7


r they suppose to put it there mouth


People have been doing this for years and years and years!!!! Since the beginning of time. They are good ideas for a baby suffering from teething problems. I have heard of amber one and there is some made with lilly root and some the people tie 7 knots in and say a prayer over each knots. It was a suggestion she made and she uses why do you bash her if she has an 18 month old or not it also helps with crankiness in babies. Why not help them but yes take a little of what God gave you and don't make it too tight or too loose. If it can be twisted it can choke them but if you make it just the right size it will be fine.


Allspice necklace/bracelet works wonders! Of course you monitor your child while it's on, people need to quit bashing people. People think this is dangerous but I didn't see anyone bashing the people putting pure alcohol on their kids gums! Like that is real smart, damage their liver at 8 months, real smart.


I like the necklace idea. Kids grow so it's not on for life! I got an ankle bracelet for my daughter. It didn't bother her. She outgrew it after about a month. I would take it off for a couple of days at a time. I used ora-gel if needed. I'm thinking of getting the necklace.

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