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An Allspice necklace is a quick and painless way to relieve teething symptoms of fever and crankiness and teeth will pop in faster.

Allspice contains Tanin which is a natural ingredient that tightens the gums!

You will need whole Allspice beads (found in the spice aisle of most grocery stores), dual-duty thread (or elastic) and a small needle. You can also add decorative beads or a clasp, but neither are necessary. Necklaces can be left on 24/7 and only need to be replaced every 3-4months!

Boil the Allspice beads for 7 minutes, drain and string onto thread then tie or fasten around babies neck. You should see almost immediate results! I have been using an Allspice necklace on my 18mo since he was 5m and I have had no trouble with teething. My newest little one just got his necklace put on yesterday!

Baby will still want to chew on things and you may need to use ora-gel (or whatever works for you) once in awhile because teeth popping through is still painful, but you should see a dramatic decrease in crankiness! And it's a cheap should only cost $6-10 and you will be able to make at least 4 necklaces!

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excuse me but isnt it dangerous to tie something around your childs neck? Especially something that could potentially come apart and strangle and/or choke them? I think this is more dangerous than its worth


Not to mention, they could get them in their mouth and choke on them. Very bad idea! Maybe your children just stopped being so cranky on their own.


This does seem rather dangerous. I would be worried the whole time.


you would have to be a total idiot to tie something around his neck... way dangerous!!!


Ok, the suggestion is not to tie a necklace around the baby's neck, as this will provide an obvious choking hazard. YOU are supposed to wear the necklace while carrying/holding your baby. Being in physical contact with your baby is an Attachment Parenting concept, and healthier for your baby in the long run. Or perhaps you could hold one part of the necklace while baby sits on your lap or next to you and plays with another part. Be creative, be open-minded, and find ways to be interactive with your baby so he/she can adjust to life with ease. Let's become more informed before blasting someone because of personal interpretation. It's no harm in asking for clarification.

Posted by a passer-by in a search for natural teething remedies.


no one says anything about her 18 mo old still teething?

doesn't tightening the gums make it harder and more painful?


Ro, heed your own advice. You berated someone for 'blasting' Alexia by assuming that she was not placing the necklaces directly on her children.

IF you had reread the original posting by Alexia, it said and I quote; ' I have been using an Allspice necklace on my 18mo since he was 5m and I have had no trouble with teething. My newest little one just got his necklace put on yesterday.' ....proving she is, in fact, advocating placing the necklaces on the child's neck. I agree with all of the postings, that this is a dangerous suggestion and practice.


even if you put the necklace on your infant i think if you do it right it wont harm them. my child has a hazelnut necklace and its never broken or bothered him or cause him any harm


I wonder if you made it into an anklet if it would still have the same affect or maybe a bracelet using fishing line because its much harder to break. I wouldn't let me daughter sleep in any jewelry of any sort but as long as your are giving your child full attention as I Do since I'm a stay at home mom I think it would be worth a try.


This really works! I wish someone had told me about it months ago! I did it as a bracelet and my daughter doesn't pay any attention to it at all. Her front tooth that was taking weeks to come in came through the next morning after wearing it one night. She sleeps through the night now pain free. Thank you for posting this!

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