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Actually recent studies have proved that low calories are not all that great It slows down your metabolism which is needed to burn up the calories in the first place so all your efforts to might be sabotaged because it can actually make you gain weight, when you burn of the calories that is to little mode your bodie thinks it is starving, this is what a my nutrionist told me .Although, it is a good thing to be aware of calorie counts your main concern should be when you eat (breakfast is a neccesity)
and what you eat not just how much calories the are. make an appointment with a nutrionist to see your daily calorie make up. Another cool fact I would like to say is you can eat anything!!! the catch is that you have to eat nuts unsalted right after it. nuts help your metabolism too!!! worked for me I lost 20 pound in one month!!! know I know that everyone is differnet, but at least try it for a month if it doesn't work than you can stop.

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what kind of nuts did you eat and how much quantity. Did you eat it thrice a day?

I tried eating nuts for two weeks, after lunch and dinner but no difference at all. kindly mail me at


Which nuts did you eat kindly send me reply at

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