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If you get painful gas on a regular basis it's possible you're lactose intolerant. Up to %70 of people are. Try avoiding dairy or eating yogurt daily.

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Not a good idea if yogurt gives you gas :/


Not really a 'remedy' more of a preventative measure. Yes, let's try not to eat things that might give you gas.


Actually... yogurt is naturally lactose free!! It's something to do with the way it is pasteurized, removes the lactose, so please, keep enjoying yogurt! :0)


Very true, I am lactose intolerant, and I find that if I don't eat yogurt daily I suffer from gas pain. Never fails! If I have yogurt in a fruit blend every day I'm pain free :) Enjoy some yogurt.


Yogurt is *not* lactose-free, but it is easier for many, but not all, people with lactose-intolerance to digest. Unfortunately I absolutely can't tollerate yogurt because I have extremely sensitive lactose-intolerance. Instead try a dairy-free probiotic or a lactose-free yogurt that has probiotics in it! Lactose-intolerance (or food allergies) can cause you to have a lot of gas, though, so if it's a regular problem for you, cutting out dairy, gluten, or other common irritants through an elimination diet might be worth your while.

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