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Like an estimated 70% of people*, I'm lactose intolerant. Technically, not an allergy, but incredibly painful nonetheless.
What I've found works best is simple and tasty: yogurt. I'll eat a bowl in the morning and be OK to eat moderate amounts of dairy throughout the day. It even helps after I've eaten cheese and the pain kicks in.
As for other remedies: Lactaid pills are expensive and in my experience don't work as well. As for acidophilus pills: see Lactaid. Good old organic lowfat yogurt mixed with a little maple syrup is my weapon of choice against lactose.
*- this estimate comes from wikipedia

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eating yogurt and ice cream is what causes my problem!!



Your so lucky that you can eat a little cheese here and there and be ok, my LI was so bad that I couldn't have any dairy without experiencing symptoms shortly afterward :( Have you heard anything about lactagen? I took their program a few months back and the results are amazing. It was only a 38 day program and it reconditioned my body to be able to tolerate dairy again. For the last 3 months I have been eating all the pizza and ice cream I want completely symptom free :) and I never have to worry about taking those pills every time I eat again! I haven't seen anything else out there like lactagen, so if your lactose intolerance is bothering you even in the slightest, I totally recommend trying lactagen. It will change your life.


The yoghurt you're mentioning is supposed to contain lactose and therefore hurt you even more. If any yoghurt is of help, I highly suspect it's because it contains LACTASE in excess, added by the manufacturer. It's the enzyme that breaks down lactose, we produce less as we become adults. By adding it into dairy, it makes it harmless for lactose-intolerant people.

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