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Ok - I googled 'my ear is clogged' and I stumbled across this website. I was sick with a cold and all that goes with it. I woke up a week ago (Sunday 11-11-07) with a clogged left ear. I didn't think much of it until it happened again the next day. It was like that the rest of the week. I tried EVERYTHING I could without going to the doctor. I irrigated it with a home kit, I did the vinegar and water, the peroxide, etc. I told the pharmacist that my ear was clogged and they suggested Sudafed that you have to ask them for (and be over the age of 18 to purchase). I tried it and to no avail.

A co-worker suggested Rescon GG. Again, a medicine you have to ask the pharmacist for and will set you back about $15.00. It didn't immediately work but, it's Monday (11-19-07) and my ear is pretty much unclogged.

Also, A LOT of yawning!!! Even if you have to force yourself to yawn. Your ears pop and it seems to break up the fluid and allow that stuff to drain.

Hope this helps!!

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The eustachian tube in the inner ear is normally shut and we can open it by the muscles used when swallowing and yawning and chewing and it allows some fluid build up to drain naturally. When we have congested ear or sinus congestion then the ear membranes are swollen and cannot open normally to allow drainage.
That is why we get the fluid build up and all the other symptoms. If fluid build up stays for long it becomes 'glue ear' because it solidifies some and gets thick. You can clear this at home using a neti pot and nasal spray decongestant. Check out my instructions here:, you can also post questions in our new forum

plugged up

Uh, I've been trying that for 5 days now - prob yawned a thousand times and it's still the same.

plugged up

sorry, wrong place!

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