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hrrmm... i dont like to spend so much either... but i've always used

1. sugar --- just put some on and let it dissolve there... numbs it pretty well - and doesnt burn like salt... eek! but i guess it's similar to using honey?? but i dont have honey in my house.. hehe


2. crush aspirin - i use bayer because it's gives a grainy texture - and just use it like you would in number one


3. just place the soft aspirin on the sore until it dissolves

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I am a dental hygienist. DO NOT place aspirin on the tissue inside of your mouth! It will burn your tissue (aspirin burn) it is extremely painful. Aspirin is meant to be swallowed to help with pain. My professors always told us that you don't put aspirin on your forehead for a headache... why would you put it on the canker sore to help with that pain? So if you are taking aspirin to help with the pain please swallow it.


I am with the comment posted above...don't use asprin!! My dentist told me not to do this after I've already done it. It hurt SOOO bad the next day! It burned my gums!


Great. I did try the aspirin rt now and I'm wondering what next! I tried the honey and all it did was ease the pain slightly, I really wish someone could just figure out exactly what works so I can stop being a human guinea pig

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