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Everone says 'have a nice cup-a-tea, it will make you feel better' well i dont know if thats true for everthing, but it really does work for headaches and migranes. My mum suffers with migranes on a daily basis and perscription drus dont do anything. so as a coffee-lover(which in my opinion does not help, coffee just makes it worse,for her at least)and a tea-hater, she did not like the idea of my green tea suggestion. but she'd decided she would try anything. so i made her a small cup of lemon green tea(good old tetly)and mixed in half a tsp.of honey. her migraine was gone completly in an hour. its always her last resort but she knows that it will work.if this doesn't work for you then drink alot of fluid,you could be dehydrated.If THIS doesnt work it could be something to do with your eyes(this was the cause of my headaches when i was in school), go see your optitions or your doctor.thats it, im all out of answers,hope these work for you and remember,rest and quiet time is key

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