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Brilliant remedy for food poisoning - any sort - colloidal silver. Just drink a good swig, maybe half to one cup, and your stomach will start to settle down within minutes. My sons eat a lot of fast food (teenagers!) and often end up in the loo in agony. This works! Even to the point where they are back eating normal food an hour later.

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This is a really efficent treatment. It works well. Had 3 relativies down with food poisioning and this fix all 3 of them with-in 2 hours.


I drank some cream in my coffee that was bad and this really worked to remove the nausea and headache I had.


I recently ate at Logan's Roadhouse and something made me sick. I had the silver on hand but not the ACV or the lemons so I went with the Silver.
I took one dropper full in a shot with a little water. I waited an hour then went to sleep. It worked wonders. Did not wake up til morning. No more vomiting. I did have the runs the next day eliminating what was left. Did one more dose of the Silver, drank lots of water during the day, and had homemade chicken soup for supper so I could have the broth. Thanks for the advise.


I woke up last night thinking I had stomach flu, but I know believe its food poisoning.
I was doubled over and couldn't stay out of the bathroom. I read about colloidal silver, knew I had some a took a couple swigs. Wow! It really works. Within the hour I was feeling a ton better. No more several abdominal pain and I haven't had to live in the loo ;). Love that stuff!


Your "dose" is way high should go 1 to 2 recommended dose on bottle.

CS is great but if you over dose you literally turn blue!


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