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Mark from WI

Well, here's a variation of using aspirin on the tooth, again, be careful, not sure how good this is for you.... OK, had a severe pain to the point that the entire left side of my head hurt, aspirin taken orally didn't help, nor any other OTC pain relief. I took 2 aspirin, and dissolved them in very hot water, tried to 'mash' up the starch and stuff with blunt end of a spoon, strred in one tsp. sugar, stirred, and swished one mouthful at a time, until used up...
OK, weird idea...but it worked, after a minute it felt like the pain would come back, but it didn't

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sugar when u have a cavity that burts, is just retarded... bacteria eats the sugar and you get more pain and infection...

if you really want to sweeten something, use artificial sweetners


My favorite dentist (who has since retired), told me years ago that aspirin does absolutely nothing for toothaches, as teeth have a different 'pain center', then what apirin addresses.

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