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Drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of baking soda for instant relief.

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I'm 4 months pregnant so was under the impression that I had to live with the indigestion and heartburn, until one night I just couldn't take it any more. So I got on the internet and looked for home remedies that I could do with me expecting. I found this an was kind of turned off by the baking soda but I was desprate so I tried it. IT WORKS!!!!! With in 5 minutes I was thanking GOD!


Though the taste is quite disgusting (I only used a small amount of water, which is probably why...) it works! And yep, belching does follow, but the pain goes away! Thank goodness for the Internet and your site.


I am also pregnant and desperate. I mixed some baking soda and water in a glass and have experienced relief and lots of burping. Worth a try.


It really works!!! Wasn't too pleasnt-tasting tho, but in last than five minutes, my indigestion was gone. I would recommend this to anyone....Thanx


Oh My Goodness!!! I can't believe the nights I've been suffering and had baking soda in my fridge the entire time. I had been drinking vinegar and water and still feeling miserable. But when I found this remedy; In minutes, I was fine. Caution: You will belch; so be sure that your mouth is open a little. I belched and my mouth was closed; it went through my nose and was so strong it burned my nose as if I drank a pepsi LOL. No more late night suffering; I'd advise anyone to try it.


I almost threw up drinking it. But it helped


Works absolutely perfect! Not bad if you drink it down FAST and follow with a chaser. After about 5 minutes I started burping and tummy felt 100 times better. Now I can go to sleep!


Wow! This worked great! Thanks!


Well WATCH OUT! DO NOT use too much baking soda as many suggest, I used 2 tablespoons to a large glass and could not breath, my wind pipe blocked up and I was gasping for air! After recovering I did remedy the indigestion by about 70% but with a close call!


Wow this is magic! Tastes seriously bad but instant relief it's amazing!!

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