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I have a bleeding ulcerative colitis.The medicine gave me bad side effects, so I tried to find a natural remedy.The best result gave me bee propolis, boswellia(60-65% of boswelic acid), olive leaf extract(20%standardized),anise seed (for gas and cramps) and 2 caps. of multi-enzymes after each meal. My diet: rice, cheese, potatoes, eggs, boiled of stewed chiken, fish (baked or fried slowly)stewed or boiled vegetables and just recently I added bananas, apples and mangoes. I drink tea with raw honey. So, my diet is wheat free, sugar free and yeast free. My advice is try to read about Philippino diet. It is very healthy.

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This is really good advice. I recently read something about how colitis can actually be a result of candida/yeast overgrowth, and I've also cut down a lot on sugar and carbs and it has been the best thing for me in the near 5 years that I've suffered with this. I notice that if I have days when I do eat sugar or wheat or a lot of carbs again, it gets worse... then as soon as I cut them down or cut them out again, it clears up and I feel better. Also I recently started taking olive leaf extract because I can't take regular antibiotics and I did notice since being on that that I've had better bowel movements... didn't know it could be helping the colitis (I was taking it for something else), but I guess it does help. Thanks for the advice!


I think you have a winning formula there! My husband has been taking boswellia (same form that you mentioned) for quite some time and it really helps. I am going to add the olive leaf extract , bee propolis and the anise seed to what he already takes and see if it helps him too. Thanks for posting! God Bless and Heal You!


I am Filipina. I have been suffering from UC for almost 10 yrs now. It has been on remission for years, but am afraid to say it is coming back...this is how I ended up on this site. I felt compelled to comment, only regarding 'Filipino Diet is the best'..I have to disagree, majority of us have horrible diets... That's all... just found that funny..

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