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Ray Marshall

This is a very simple treatment that I used to use all the time. All you need for this is honey & You should be able to see some results the next morning.

To make this treatment work you need to take honey and apply it to the affected areas at night, before going to sleep. Then go to bed and rinse in the morning.
You should see some results the next morning but it may take a while before the acne is gone completely.


--- Ray

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so does this accually work... will someone who has accually tried this post a comment telling me if it works or not


has any one tried this yet?


I tried it and i dodnt see a difference. I only did it one night and when i woke up there was hunny everywhere and it was a huge mess!


It works but u don't need it on overnight. Put it on anytime during the day for an hour but you must use MANUKA honey. Any other honey is a waste of time. Has to have at least 12% manuka in it. Doctors use it to heal infections. Also take it orally.

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