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E. K.

I have had several loose teeth tighten up--verified by my dentist--by trying a certain technique. I have been biting on rubber--taking turns on both sides of my mouth and also front teeth. I concentrated on my lower teeth front teeth for it seemed that, because of my bite, they were not getting enough stimulation and exercise.

The rubber was obtained from a turkey baster. After cutting a strip of rubber, I folded so it gave me a three fold resistance.

After my dentist expressed amazement on how my loose teeth tightened up, I risked having her think I'm crazy and told her what I had done. She encouraged me to continue doing it.

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I have to say I tried this remedy only a week ago...and I already recognize a noticeable difference. Amazing. I mirrored exactlly how the above stated, only being more specific, I use quick bites and DONT overdo it. I did the first night and my tooth got worse! After that, 5 min a day (if only 3) once in the AM and once in PM. MARKEABLE DIFFERENCE ALREADY! (btw, above remedy states their front bottom teeth were loose, mine...front top. Recommend for ANYONE)


Aré you talking about making your teeth looser or tightening them ?

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