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Yvonne (Memphis TN)

Well this might sound crazy but it has definatley helped me....
I have been experiencing some EXTREME tooth nerve pain caused by an impacted/infected wisdom tooth to the point where it is making my ear hurt on that side down my neck and into the temporal area of my head on that side... NOT FUN!! so anyways I happen to have some Aurodex otic solution (ear drops) that have benzocaine in it and I put some in my ear on the side that was hurting (it helps numb the connecting nerves from the ear to the teeth) and brushed my teeth rinsed with some listerine antiseptic and put some Dentek maximum strength Toothache Relief on my tooth surrounding gums and believe me this is the most relief I have gotten in days, I just tried this today and I have been amazed at how much it helped!! I strongly suggest this remedy to anyone who has been as miserable as I have... and of course definately make an appt with your dentist (I will be asap)

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