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Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and foods with sugar.

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Um... hypoglycemia is caused by low blood sugar... meaning that you need sugar. Thats why in emergency situations, people with hypoglycemia are told to drink sugary drinks, such as soda and fruit juice, eat candy, or sugar tablets. And in severe cases, you must inject glucose (sugar) directly into the body.


Sorry, but high sugar consumption for hypoglycemics just makes the blood sugar skyrocket, and then plummet to unnatural lows, rather than leveling off.Hence the dizziness, etc. Eating sugar (or carbs, which turn into glucose as soon as they hit the bloodstream) just creates a vicious circle of high, low, high, low. And it can lead to diabetes eventually. Too much strain on the pancreas. The best treatment is high protein, low carb, no sugar. And many small meals if possible.


Shes right!! Sugar is a no-no!! Most people think because you have 'low blood sugar' you should eat sugar. My Mother and myself both have hypoglycemia. She doesn't believe me when I tell her sugar is bad for her, because of it she has to deal with mood changes all the time. The mood changes are your body dealing with the highs, lows, highs, and lows.


No when im shaky and feel like im going to well pass out the instant thing i need is a rush of sugar, i personally use a sneakers bar..


eating some peanut butter or drinking a glass of orange juice helps the most or eating foods with lots of protein and carbs

Suzanne, Ca

Yes! My favorite start to my day use to be a sugar packed coffee and a sweet apple fritter during my 10am break at work. until I started to have severe fatigue, nausea, shakes and lightheadedness by my lunchtime! It was really disrupting my life. I'm pleased to say that my new favorite breakfast is greek yogurt with a small bag of mixed nuts. Together this adds up to about 14grams of protein and a healthy amount of sugar. I feel great by lunch and eat something sensible. I've also found that if I haven't had enough sugar in my lunch,I can eat an apple to help me make it to my next break. Good Luck to all!


Shes right, you think you need sugar to function but its such a NO NO! It only causes your blood sugar to spike and causes a sugar crash...leaving you with no energy. Instead of gorging on sugar, eat moderate amounts of carbs, balanced protein, and fresh foods. NEVER look at the sugar content on a label, the carbs has it factored in. Do not exceed 16 grams for snacks, and 50 for meals. I got to a nutritionist and a dietitian and my sugar no longer gives me trouble. When you feel woosy or dizzy, its because you probably havent eaten or ate something really high in carbs or sugar, your body has to work double hard to fix the problem!


Alcohol is empty carbs, caffeine suppresses appetite making you skip meals and your sugar to drop, or is loaded with sugar crap making your blood sugar spike, and carbs break down into simple sugars...did any of you ever take chemistry in high school? eat veggies and avoid processed crap, protein is also a great way to stay balanced.

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