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generously apply vicks to your feet... put on socks... within an hour your annoying cough will be greatly reduced

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oddly enough this totally worked almost immediately!


amazing! i am going to tell everyone i know thats sick right now!


It didnt work for my wife.Tried atleast 5 times every night but in vain.


My mother used this metod back in Mexico when I was a little girl and it always worked. I just tried it on myself a few hours back and guess what? IT WORKED!!!!!!!! Wow I love it no cough tonight for me.


I too find this works for me and my toddler. If applied over a few days, I found it can help clear a cough....completely. Love it.


Will try tonight! I guess the comments were pretty good anyways...My cough has been with me for about 2 weeks! Hope ir works!


I ran out of regular vicks and I used the kids vicks and it worked terrific for me (mommy) and my son. What a great suggestion!


I was skeptical, but desperate, and this was the only suggested remedy here (besides steaming, which I'd already tried to no avail) for which I had the required ingredients on hand at 4 a.m. Figuring that I had little to lose, I tried it. The results were astonishing: instant relief of the nagging cough that had resisted cough syrup, cough drops, and a usually reliable herbal tea. I was able to get 5 solid hours of sleep, whereas to that point I'd been unable to get more than 5 minutes in a row. I'd be fascinated to know the underlying mechanism here: that is, what makes it work? Because it certainly *does* work.


ok my boyfriend has been coughing all night, which has kept me the point where i thought i was going to have to leave the room.. I found this remedy and am praying it works. I just placed the vicks on his feet, along with the socks. If this works.. I am going to call everyone i know.. Ill let you know if it works..


Amazing! I was skeptial, but it was nightime and my granddaughter had a nagging cough. I knew she would not have a good nite rest. I came across this home remedy and her cough ceased immediately. It's morning and she is well rested. Thank you for sharing. I will pass this on to others.

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