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My 6 week old son has really bad colic. My mother suggested to give him Cumin, that's what she used to give me.
Boil a cup of water, add to one teaspoon of Cumin seeds, let stand for 15 minutes, drain and cool. Add sugar if needed. You can give it straight out of the bottle, dropper or add a few teasppons into formula. Works wonders!!! My baby stoped crying immediately.
***my mother-in-law suggested Star Anise for colic as well, I researched it and found that the FDA issued a warning for herbal teas made from Star Anise, it has been linked to seizures and other problems in infants. So I wouldn't use it...but try the Cumin, it works extremely good.

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I am trying cumin today for my fussy baby. I have taking cumin and find it to be safe.


Gripe Water! It can be made out of Cumin or Star Anise. You should only give it to your baby when he/she is one month old - although I gave it to mine in the 3rd week, nearly a month. A little goes a long way! The Anise worked best on my girls and tasted better.
Fennel tea is another great one!! Eat it and it goes through the breast milk, or make a tea and dilute it by half and put it in the baby's bottle.
I would also say try stopping dairy - my girls did not do well with it.


Where can I get cumin seeds?


cumin to be bought in stores..indian spice
instead of giving to the can be taken by the mother..if taken by mother will it be effective for the baby??

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