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I saw the Tyra Banks show yesterday, she said that Catherine Zeta Jones uses strawberries to whiten her teeth. Later in the show, Tyra tried it. She just rubbed the strawberry across the front. I didn't think it would work-her teeth are already whitened (bleached?) Anyway, I bought some strawberries and tried it. It sure did make a difference right away! It totally freaked me out! I couldn't believe it. The only thing though...Tyra didn't say to brush your teeth immediately afterwards. I learned that be reading up on the internet. I don't know how healthy it is, but I do know it worked right away. I just quit smoking a month I have some was nice to see. I also don't think that Tyra would be putting it out there to use strawberries if she didn't first have a dentist say it was okay to say it first. (so people don't sue her )EK

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...ok let this u.s. gimp :-> get this right, if i mix strawberries, white paint from walmart, white out from office max? and baking soda from my frig with a splash of lemon juice and apply this gooup to my age stained chompers for a brief period of time and then immediately brush my now dingy teeth will shine? is that what ya telling me? aww go on now....for real? now where's that baking soda


i will try rubbing strawberries on my teeth. i have heard from different people that it works, but for get to try it. i am heading to the store to buy some. i heard that it is better when the strawberries are bright red.


why all the name-calling? Someone is making a suggestion. Please be kind to each other. We have world-altering issues that are enough cause for anger. Strawberries (and whether someone misspells something or gives an alternate view or concern is no cause for anger and rudeness). Peace starts with you, right now, on this web-site and wherever you go throughout your day.

shane nz

incrediblee amusing guys, strawberries aside there are budding comedians, script writers, authors and critics among you and within the numerous comments there is the answer to whitening the teeth and the journey to get there was not dull. whatever you say, say it with style. strwbrres and cream and a pearly white smile is very sexy tho.


I can not believe how rude some people are on here. You people have no respect at all, do you not know how to voice your opinions without insulting and being mean to others.UGH. Anyway, the dentist went to school over this and Im sure he knows. After all how often does everyone actually eat strawberries everyday to know that they dont. I guess after your rubbing S.berries on your teeth everyday and they begine to fall out you'll know. I dont think I will chance it. I think Im gonna try it once.

Jessy M.

I just used this method to whiten my teeth and i was shocked at how well it did, i didnt really think it would work but i was proven very wrong!!


im realy scared this method might hurt my teeth, so can someone tell me if i should use it or not?


Venners do change color, mine have.

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