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I saw the Tyra Banks show yesterday, she said that Catherine Zeta Jones uses strawberries to whiten her teeth. Later in the show, Tyra tried it. She just rubbed the strawberry across the front. I didn't think it would work-her teeth are already whitened (bleached?) Anyway, I bought some strawberries and tried it. It sure did make a difference right away! It totally freaked me out! I couldn't believe it. The only thing though...Tyra didn't say to brush your teeth immediately afterwards. I learned that be reading up on the internet. I don't know how healthy it is, but I do know it worked right away. I just quit smoking a month I have some was nice to see. I also don't think that Tyra would be putting it out there to use strawberries if she didn't first have a dentist say it was okay to say it first. (so people don't sue her )EK

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Doesn't Catherine Zeta Jones have veneers??? If you look at a picture of her from years ago, her teeth were all crooked and now they're perfect. Veneers never change color, so that whole strawberry thing was a load of bull. It might work, I just don't think she uses it. Nothing against CZJ though, I think she's great.


I just wanted to say that I tried this and it worked wonders! It looks like a whole new smile. I don't know about the long term effects... Probably harmful and something not needed to be done everyday... But it did make those pearly whites whiter!


ARE EK and IC crazy? Why on this green earth would it be harmful to rub strawberry's on your teeth??
Oh yeah i guess drinking the soda wasn't how i got those cavities it was this one time i rubbed strawberries on my teeth, darn.

Strawberries make you healthier if you eat them, if you swallow the store bought tooth whitener's it is recommended that you get medical help.

I don't mean to sound rude but this just blew me away. I'll try the strawberry's and see what happens theres nothing to lose.


thanks i think ill try that ive been trying to whiten my teeth for the past 2 weeks to get ready for picture day i hope this works!!


The stawberries work great because acidic qualities along with the texture help to abraze the thin, stained layer of enamle. The problem is, if this is done consistently over a period of time, the acid will eventually completly remove the enamel which makes teeth sensitive and extremely pronned to cavity and decay. Enamle is developed when we are young and can never be replaced, so do not try too frequently!!!


SAM I think the concern for the strawberries (not strawberry's, idiot) was due to all the acid and natural sugar that strawberries contain. While they are very healthy, the acid and sugar can be harmful and cause cavities. So, now you know.


how can rubbing strawberries on your teeths be harmful?

strawberries are NAUTRAL
unlike those chemicals


Have you ever read the back of a tube of toothpaste to see what your really brushing with? I don't think strawberries are going to hurt every now and then , compared to what you use Everyday

Dr. Burgan, D.D.S.

I am a dentist and have been treating patients for teeth whitening for nearly 10 years. Using a strawberry's acidic properties to whiten teeth can be harmful, but only after continued use. I would recommend to anyone to try this simple method only once or twice but no more. If you want to seek the best results however, consult your dentist and get professional treatment.


Okay, DGB. Don't be such a jerk. SAM has a point. Strawberries are more natural and very good for you. Also, they can cause cavities, but that's why you BRUSH YOUR TEETH AFTERWARDS. Don't be such a know-it-all, because, frankly, you're stupid. And don't act like you've never made a typo either.

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