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Crab Shack

I was blessed with crap teeth, and personally tried and experienced all remedies and information posted below.

For sharp, unconstant pain, which most likely means your cavity has NOT reached your pulp(Nerve), most of the remedies posted on this site will work.

For enduring, throbbing pain, which most likely means you need a root canal, and perhaps have an infection, many of these things will not work alone. They will have to be used in conjunction. Of course brush and floss often and before these remedies. Dental TAPE(Not floss) is ideal because it is thicker and more effiecient.

Clove oil- Works great, but temporary (Will not work long enough for you to sleep)It is toxic, so use small amounts, and wash your mouth out after.

Listerene antiseptic- Beneficial for infection, and also temporarily relieves pain.

Hydrogen Peroxide- Do not regularly use store bought hydrogen peroxide because it is made with wierd chemicals.You can taste them. However, it kills bacteria, and is fine for temporary tooth pain. For every day use, use food grade peroxide dilluted with a certain amount of water(Look for directions elsewhere)- It naturally cleans and whitens your teeth.

REFILIT- A little jar of filling mould-like substance that can be purchased at the store. After you clean your tooth with something else, apply this around affected area to prevent food and saliva from further reaching the effected area. You can even eat with it in.I use this when I need to sleep.

Vanilla extract-Contains alcohol, works temporarily.

Gin, vodka, ect.- Kills bacteria-temporarily relieves pain

Pain Killers- not to be used singularily. Use in conjunction with others. Merely masking your pain alone is not preventative!

Green Tea- A natural anti- inflammitory. I will drink this in the morning to make my infection subside. At night you can drink uncaffeinated. Of course if it's super hot it will super hurt!Minimizing an infection without antibiotics is preferrable in my book....

Papaya- Although it contains some natural sugar, it is also a natural anti-inflammitory. You can apply the papaya to the effected area. It is a old remedy, and the best tasting one!

Please do not follow the sugar on a warm rag with ice remedy. Granulated and confectioners sugar is the reason you are in pain in the first place!

Get your butt to a dentist or endodontics doctor(Root canal specialist) asap, if you have constant throbbing pain. It will not go away, and the sooner you get an appointment, the less at risk you are for guarenteed, ever increasing pain.


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If u have a toodache what you can do to relive the pain temporalty. you have to get a cooking spice called (WHOLE CLOVE) take one and place it in the tood where the pain is,you have to put a lil presure on it with your teeth, kind of like trying to chew it, but very soft, leave it there for like 15 mnts or longer and the pain will go away, trust me it will smell and taste like u are at the dentist. try it,it realy works!

Marianne Gillette

The tea bag trick WORKS!!!I've had a BAD abcessed tooth for 2 days now. On Keflex and Darvocet, but the PAIN is still there. Tried the above suggestion with the tea bag (I used English Breakfast tea) Within 10 minutes the pain has subsided!!No more awful throbbing! Thank you so much for posting this remedy!


my dentist actually gave me clove oil. it's great. it stops pain w/in seconds and heals the infection. you aren't supposed to DRINK it, but don't rinse afterwards! apply the oil to your tooth sparingly. then, don't spit into a sink. just spit softly onto a paper towel or kleenex until the terrible taste gets better. :)

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