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To temperarly get rid of a toothache: 1tsp. baking soda 1Tbsp. vinegar brush the aching tooth for about 2min. rinse taste out of your mouth pain will imediately stop.

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the pain is gone!

I wanted to say that this worked wonders for me. i did one thing different though. instead of brushing with the mixture i put the mixture over the tooth and gum area that was aching and immediately it stopped the pain and that has been 2 days ago. Great!!! thanks for the idea because i didnt have clove oil and some of the othere remedies they posted. Vinegar and baking soda is in everyones kitchen.


this worked great no pain for know lets see what happens tonight


Thank you so much I was able to sleep like a baby last night!!! I used a Q-tip to shove it in the broken tooth and OMG it worked great... I appreciate it more than you know I was litterally loosing my mind!!


Woah! I just done this and my toothache dissapeared! For now at least. thanks!


I tried this but did it as a swish and spit. I did 3 teaspoonsful of baking soda and 3 tablespoonsful of vinegar. I swished it around my tooth. The throbbing pain has subsided and it is more bearable.

Thanks for the tip!!!


The baking soda and vinegar is used as a drain cleaner and can be quite explosive at times so I would deffinantly watch using that.


THANK YOU ,THANK YOU...I HAVE HAD A TOOTH ACHE SINCE LUNCH TODAY.and have been swallowing nurofen like its going out of fashion....with little resluts....the pain is doing my head in as it is 11pm and i need sleep as iget up for work a 4 am...i was reading all these remedies and tried this as a mouth wash and spit and so far the pain had reduced heaps .......i would say pain was 100 now at 20...i just might get some sleep...thank you and hopefully goodnight...zzzzzz


hmm i think it will work!!!11i have a pain since long just now i tried i think it is working still wait for 15 more mints. thanxs!

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