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I have to bring up the conditioner angle. A couple of years ago I found that my (then) 4 yo girl had headlice. I found many home remidies online. I washed some bedding, did some vacuuming, washed with lice shampoo, did some nitpicking etc. .. didn't really work that hard at it, and ridded us of the lice.

But ... I didn't not treat myself or my husband. At that time my little one spent a lot of time sitting with me, in close contact, and I did not become infested.

The only conclusion I can reach is that the use of conditioner will prevent headlice. At that time I did not use conditioner on my little one's hair, but I do use it on my own everyday. I also only became aware of the infestation after several of the little *&^%! fell out of my own hair. Then I looked online to discover that they were headlice. So I know beyond a doubt that they did get to my head, but were apparently unable to remain and become an infestation.

I guess the working theory is that the lice find it diffucult to move around because the hair is slicker, and they are also unable to attach eggs to the hair shaft for the same reason.

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i use conditioner every time i shampoo and i have cought head lice three times from my daughter. that is not necessarily the reason you are not getting head lice.


I have five children and 3 of them are girls with long hair. We all condition our hair daily when showering (or we couldn't comb our hair). We have been battling lice since August, and according to my daughter's pre-school we are lucky enough to have the first super strain of lice she has seen yet, though heard of it. I have tried all the remedies listed so far and when combed, they come out living. It isn't the conditioner, trust me.


This is absolute nonsense! Not only do I use detangling conditioner *otherwise known as instant conditioner, cream rinse, everyday conditioner, etc.) But also use aussie 3 min miracle, or Fructis 3 minute undo at least 2 times a week. Still been fighting them for 3 years. Quit spreading nonsense to confuse they already desperate...

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