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My chiropractor taught me this technique, and it really works. Stand in front of a mirror the first time so you can see the difference in your jaw movement.

First, open your mouth wide and observe the movement of the jaw (mine goes to the right).

Place the tip of your tougue against the roof of your mouth and slowly move your jaw up and down. To ensure that the movement is only up-and-down, you can place your finger on your chin with very slight downward pressure.

This will retrain your muscles in the proper jaw movement. Do this as often as possible, several times a day.

After a few weeks, I have seen a dramatic decrease in my symptoms, and my jaw no longer shifts to the right as it did before. You will need to continue to do this to retrain your jaw muscles.

Also, sleeping on yourback with a cervical pillow can help as well, but it's harder to train yourself to stay on your back!

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This sounds like it might work. I chewed on sugarcane and it helped to push my jaw back into the socket. I still hve TMJ, but less.


i learned that you should rotate your head as if your nose was circling a toonie with it, and then pretend you are tracing a figure 8 with your nose, that is supposed to reset your jaw.


it seems to be effective?! thanks for the idea wew. TMJ is starting to annoy me. Did you successfully align your jaw from it's socket?


For the life of me I can't quite figure out HOW this is working, but I can 'hear' the difference, as I have a ton of 'crepitus' (crunchy noises) in my right ear the second I open my jaw ordinarily yet doing so with this method is silent - WOW!!!

Given the severity of my problem/pain I would hope that practicing this for a few hours a day will make a huge difference and allow me to eat in more comfort perhaps.



I am def. going to try this. My jaw recently has been acting up worse than ever before and nothing that use to help is helping now. I want to avoid surgery at any and all costs so I hope this works!


Tried your suggestion regarding the mirror and putting my tongue on the roof of my mouth. It relieved the tightness and allowed me to open my mouth. I am seeing my chiropractor on Friday. Will keep this up until I see him.


Ok. Ive been doing this for the last hour. My jaw is slowly going back into place. I think its working! Thank you!


Will Try

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