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I got this home remedy that was basically passed down through family generations. It works really good. I recently found it something very similar to it was being sold on the internet. I was mad at first then realized... if it helps people... fine. well you need a facial scrub, my family uses st.ives because their products work better than any other products, vitamin e, pure cocoa butter, we used natural but my granny was a herbalist so anything else should work as long as it,s pure, and aloe Vera, find the most natural as possible. mix them together um... about...5 tbsp of scrub, 1 tsp aloe Vera,1/2 tsp vitamin e, 1 tsp coco butter. massage it over your stretch marks for a few minutes. do it after you showered and before you go to sleep. blot the areas your going to massage to maintain moisture. massage not putting allot of pressure but focusing only on the skin. massage for about 3 minutes on each spot. then use a bath sponge or loofa or towel to massage it for about 3 minutes then rinse. i did it when i first noticed i was getting stretch marks when i was preg., grandma recommended it, and they went away that week. i guess it works different on old stretch marks. put a moisturizer thats made for stretch marks when your done. well i recently gave an e book permission to use this. I know it works. just want to help!

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this is an amazing thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it has totally helped mine in only a week!


do you do it everyday?


I love the sound of this treatment. It seems like it would be luxuriously pampering. I have old stretch marks does anyone know if this will do anything for them?


is that vitamin e oil or vitamin e powder or capsules?


Hmm. Sounds wonderful ! I'll try it & update you with my results


Can I use sugar and olive oil to exfoliate?


ive had my marks for almost 2years. and they're light will it work????

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