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to get rid of pimples,,,in the morning as u get up before brushig ur teeth apply the saliva on the affected area and wash it off in 15mins,,,an u will see change in 2days,,,jus try it,,,it actually works,,i hav tried it,,,i get so many compliments for my clear skin

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saliva BEFORE brushing your teeth? I almost want to try it, but can you tell me where you got that information and the reasoning behind it? I would think that the bacteria in your saliva would make your pimple worse.


I'm not so sure about this one. Saliva is known to cause pimples. That's why if you are kissing someone very often, you can get pimples around your mouth area.

-nunya buziness '10

come on man...atleast make up somin more resonable..u probably had clear skin ur whole life..y tell us people that have acne somin that u probably pick up as a baby to cure our problems be real next time..


ewwwwwwwww saliva? thats just gross id rather have acne.


from whr did u get such a worst idea ....
its notonly unhealthy but also weird to imagine .
it would be good even if u dont practise it further .
hope u got it


ive been told to this too so it might work


This definately does work. it worked for me too!!

type your name

dude thats just nasty and unsanitary what if u have blisters in your mouth forming please be real next time thanks

totally fucked off.

wtf ? seriously ? BIG FAT JOKE!!!!!
That is so stupid ! One of the most dumbest things ive heard of. Why would you do that ? Why would you even contemplate on doing that ? Its so yuck, saliva is a common factor of causing breakouts so why would you wanna rub saliva on your pimples ? EW


Milk works for me . I know it sounds crazy but if you just get a cotton ball and soak it in milk then rub it on your face , it should clear up over night . oh and lemon and salt work wonders too !

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