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Put salt on it. It may burn a little, but that means its working. Do it right before you go to bed and it should be gone by morning.

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I too agree with this, my mother has always made me do it since i was little, and for the people who say it hurts and not to do ti and stuff, the salt accually helps clean out an infection, it will heal it if you keep it on long enough, poar it on, and yes it does hurt but leave it and it will be gone. HIGHLY AGREE!


Well, I tried it and it burned LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I immediately
ran to the sink after 5 seconds and put a bunch of cold water into my mouth so it would stop burning and it numbed it after, So I JUST tried it and hopefully itll be healed a little in a couple of hours or by morning... >_>


Salt causes canker sores so how can it heal them?


I have a canker sore that is big and deep it was yellow and lastnight it popped and puss came out ughh nasty then I put a lot of salt on it ooohhhwwweeee it hurt so bad but yes it felt better for a few but then it started hurting again and it turned white and I still got a little bit of drainage coming out of it but its not as bad as it was. it still is very painful tho don't get me wrong I don't understand why ppl say they put salt on it and its gone the next day...that cant be with a canker sore like I got ughh its nasty and I am getting more and more scared everyday that I see it is not going away... what do I do?????? help me please... has anyone had one that popped before???? if so what did you do next??????????? thanks


lol I didn't see how old these comments were

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