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Most of the over-the-counter products made to remove urushiol from the skin after exposure have deodorized mineral spirits as the active ingredient but cost upwards of $45/oz. So, when I got exposure to the IVY and noticed my arms getting red and rashes just starting to break out I went to Home Depot and picked up a gallon of deodorized mineral spirits for $10. I ran my arms under hot water to open the pours, then scrubbed them ole arms down with a dishwashing sponge drenching them in mineral spirits, let the mineral spirits soak on my skin for a few minutes, then I followed with a good thorough washing of the arms with dawn dish liquid. Then I applied Elidel cream which is a prescription immune suppressing cream used to treat eczema. Next morning my arms were as good as new. I know most people will not have quick access to Elidel since it is a prescription cream but I think the mineral spirits would work just fine if used the same day of exposure. This is the active ingredient in Zanfel, Tacnu, and other Ivy washes. But in a much purer and cheaper form.

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THANK YOU! I have been struggling with poison-something rashes all over my legs and have tried every remedy EXCEPT mineral spirits. Wonderful. Worked immediately, stopped the itching, the inflammation has immediately gone down, and I hope that when I wake up, I won't look like I have leprosy or something!


Do Not Try This Remedy! Read about the harmful ingredients in Mineral Spirits...IT CAUSES CANCER! Do NOT Apply Mineral Spirits to your skin EVER!


Mineral Spirits worked great, immediate relief, and as evident on this site its worked well for many. I have yet to see any adverse reactions, although some will if they have sensitive skin. The 'cancer' scare exists with just about everything, just read a bottle of aspirin, we all should be dead.

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