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Soft Shiney Hair

Just take real mayonaise, enough to coat hair, and work into hair and scalp. Leave on for about 20 minutes then rinse and/or wash & style as usual. Do about once a month or as often as needed. This works wonders making soft and shiney hair.

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Does this work with all kinds of hair texture?

Cassandra Cardona

yes it does..


yeah it doesss :)


does miricle whip work lol


I hear mayonnaise also gets rid of lice.

Emmy Lee

Yes it gets rid of lice, but it's the oils in the mayonaise that makes your hair shiny. The same thing will work if you use olive oil, although I have found the mayonaise to work wonders (and much better than the olive oil) for my hair.


my mother swore by this method to keep her hair shiny and healthy. She would also cover her head with a plastic bag (I don't know if this was just to keep the mayo from getting on anything or not) and sit under a hair dryer for 15 minutes. She swore by 'Best Foods' mayo as the best to use. I never knew the reasonings behind it, I do know it works fabulously and I still do it today (although not as regularly as my mother)


does mirical wip work....


Should I wet and part my hair into 4 sections first before putting the mayonnaise?

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