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Ted R.

For indoor flys don't use a fly swatter. Instead get an empty spray bottle. Fill almost full of water. Add about a cap or two full of dish liquid soap enough to turn water yellow. Shake. Now spray flys and they will die. You can even spray them in the air. Spray and kill any type of insect like roaches etc.

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I'm trying this as we speak, pretty sure they are just drowning! Lol.


Stops them flying away so you can then swot them. Good method and chemical free.


Lots of flies just tried this so many in my home now i;ll see if it works then i have to pick them up hope it works but my dawn didn't turn yellow? Comment later


how is this working for everyone??? it didn't work at all for me. Even mixed more dawn into the spray bottle to ensure i had enough in it. still did nothing but knock them out of the air. i sprayed a mist over a few and they didn't even seem to be bothered by it. they would fly a few inches and come back.

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