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Ted R.

For indoor flys don't use a fly swatter. Instead get an empty spray bottle. Fill almost full of water. Add about a cap or two full of dish liquid soap enough to turn water yellow. Shake. Now spray flys and they will die. You can even spray them in the air. Spray and kill any type of insect like roaches etc.

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Open your curtains. Let the light in. Sit back watch tv. As a fly lands in the window, spray him. Wipe him up. Go back to watching tv. Works great.


the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks


OK I have been reading the comments and I have a question in my house I have flies like if I live in a dairy farm I hate flies I have sprayed and they still keep coming back every day is the same clueless


Wow better than raid and no smell. Simply amazed!


WORKS AWESOME!!!! Thank you...and now my windows are clean... :)




Works! I am baby sitting 3 small children and couldn't use chemicals so I came up with this on my own. I looked on here just to see if anyone was doing it and you guys are. I love it but now I have a mess to clean up because I think my anger made me spray them a little too much. Lol! At least the windows are already soaped up.


This really works, amazing.


AMAZING!!!! This does work!


Thank you so much! It worked instantly!

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