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Ted R.

For indoor flys don't use a fly swatter. Instead get an empty spray bottle. Fill almost full of water. Add about a cap or two full of dish liquid soap enough to turn water yellow. Shake. Now spray flys and they will die. You can even spray them in the air. Spray and kill any type of insect like roaches etc.

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don't work


This one actually worked. It's cheap, and easy, but you have to make sure that you have the spray bottle on stream, not spray, and you have to spray the fly more than once. And you can spray them in the air, but you have to be careful where you step because they fall to the ground. They crawl around for a little bit, and then just die.


THANK YOU!!!! We have tried everything to rid our house of flies and this is the only thing that worked.


Thank you sooo much!! I just tried this & it worked!
These huge flies came from who knows where, the kind that don't fear anything & I couldn't sleep knowing they were in my house.
Hopefully they are ALL gone!
Thanks again


only stuns them to the gound only one shot with fly swatter or they fly away.


This really works! We had a major fly problem that came out of no where. We didn't leave food out, we always did our dishes right away, and our kitchen is always kept very clean. I have no idea why we had a problem. We tried this and it worked extremely well.


this worked GREAT!!!!
we had a fly problem in the summer. we thought they were coming in to take up the ac cuz it was so hot out. and now its winter and we have wayyyyyyyy more then ever. for whatever reason. but its winter so we thought they were coming for heat. but we kept everything clean to try and fix it and that didn't work. so i tried this and had fun while doing it lol. and now in less then an hour they're all gone! :)


This is amazing. It worked fast and now watch out flies.


thank you so much this was a life savor!! I cant believe how fast it takes them down!!!


I put baggies of water with crunched tin foil in it over entrance doorways in an old farmhouse- I was totally amazed-not a fly in the house and doors were kept open all summer. Now that I moved the same idea is not working-we're covered up. ???????

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