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Ted R.

Stopped up nose: One tablespoon apple cider vinegar in 8 oz. water. Two shakes salt. Shake. Put finger in mixture and let drip down nose nostrils. Continue doing this and breathe deep. Nose should quickly unstop. Sip this for sore throat. Ted.

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This didnt do a darn thing for me


I'm in the process of doing this now; did not use salt since I actually found info on another site w/o this ingrediant. Before, I had to breathe through my mouth because my nose was about 98% stopped up. Now it is about 50% stopped up!!! Also, I put a towel over my head to help concentrate the steam to my nostrils only!

stuffy girl

this seemed to help somewhat. just a warning though, it will burn the outsides of your nostrills if they are raw from too much nose-blowing, so try putting on some ointment to protect them first.


It actually helped me alot!!! But it does burn the outside of your nostrils but it is worth it to breath again.


This is the best of all these remedies so far!! acutally makes a difference--not 100% but a big improvement.


this really helped.
i filled an old afrin bottle with this and it unstopped me immediatly


I just tried this, And I can breath. for the frist time. Thanks for the help.

pmdj 12/25/10

this worked great - my throat got sore right away which I then knew it was draining, so drank some also - best thing I've tried so far - including Vicks! - I'm such a fan of ACV anyway - this makes it even better

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