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I've had psoriasis all my life and it has always been a problem for me. I'm 16 years old and I feel like i cant go out or do anything because people tend to stare at my skin. I have it all over my face, scalp,ears,neck,back and chest so it's very hard to try and cover up. I have tried soooo many different treatments but the ones from my doctor seemed to make it worse with redness and itching. I moved to Spain two years ago and in the summer months it completely vanishes but as soon as October arrives its back again. I have found that daily washes with warm water and a table spoon of sea salt really helped me but be careful i don't know if this would work for everyone as it can burn the skin if not rinsed off with clear water. Hope i help someone else.

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dear 16 yr old- I know how hard it can be. I am 40 and have had psoriasis all my life. The sun definitely helps the breakouts and if you swim- salt water and pool water seem to also help- might be why it seems to be worse in the winter. A prescription that I found last year called EMBREL has been wonderful for me and all my plaque has disappeared- i am told it doesn't work on everyone but worth a shot if you can get it. Other things is sun or tanning bed but obviously be cautious of overdoing it. Don't worry about everyone staring- everyone has something wrong with them, some are just more visible than others!


hey its the same with me ill be 16 in about a month ive had it since i was three years old its covering my entire body severely and i use enbel to unless you have insurance its very expensive im not sure what the price is now but without insurance it used to be $1,100 a month but we have blue cross blue shield federal so we can get it cheap.. it does help me alot but doesn't at all completely get rid of it im still looking to find somthing better or somthing to use with the enjections of Enbrel

i used Enbrel for years and slowly stopped working. I am currently on Remicade which is given through an IV injection in the doctors office. It started working for me on the 3rd day. it was amazing. but as with everything else, it doesnt get rid of everything. i still have it on my scalp pretty badly. and a few spots on my arms and here and there on my body. but so far its pretty good.

Catherine from Michigan

My husband has had severe Plaque Psoriasis for almost all his adult life. For his scalp, he uses T-Gel Shampoo and he also uses a topical cream called Dermarest. You can buy both of these right off the shelf in almost any location. He just picked this stuff up from Walmart yesterday and is already seeing results! I hope this helps you out!


Dr. Pagano!!!!!!!!!! Google him, buy the book and follow the diet vigourosly. If you follow the diet for the rest of your life you will not only be a healthy individual but your psoriasis will disappear as well. Mine went away for ten years. It only came back because I stopped exercising and started eating junk food. I promise you, its done miracles for thousands of people. Dr. Pagano Dr. Pagano Dr. Pagano

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