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My mother in law was in Albania this summer visiting her family. She mentioned to them she couldn’t eat certain foods because of her high cholesterol. They taught her this remedy.

Take 20 lemons and 20 cloves of garlic. Squeeze the lemons and peel and crush the garlic into some kind of bottle with a closed cap. Store in a dark place for twenty days. After the 20 days are done start drinking a half cup full every morning 20 minutes BEFORE eating /drinking.

Finish bottle and visit and visit doctor. Also helps you loose weight.

Good Luck

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Does it have to be 20 minutes before breakfast to work?


This is wonderful and is tasty and inexpensive to make. I even bought a bottle of lemon juice from the dollar tree to replace the one I used for this!

I am going to take that and make more and use it in my cooking too. maybe fry my fish in it instead of canola oil!



These are NOT the best instructions in the world. For instance, what size garlic clove, and (even) what size lemon, for that matter? Can one even put the entire lemon and garlic in a juicer and mix together? As to whether or not water can be included: it seems one could use it (boiled or distilled water) to cap off the garlic and lemon to equal the daily dosage of which is essentially 1 lemon and 1 garlic clove that sits over a 24-hour period. I may seem like a square peg in a round hole (complicating some good-intentioned advice) but it's just an observation. The bottom line; however, is to heed the advice of going to the doctor for testing to assess the efficacy of the home remedy.


For those looking for other instructions to this, it is called German elixir. Simply look up on web to find complete directions!

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