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Ok my friend told me to use, witch hazel: to swish around mouth especially around the tooth that hurts, then put a goody pack on the infected gum and tooth, make sure you pack the goody powder good around the tooth.

As for me, the dentist gave me some vicodens to use when in pain, well they arent helping to much so I bought BC Powder Arthritis Strength and Goody's Powder pack for Body Pain (red pack) and I put the powders on my gum and around the tooth. Then I mixed both powders and salt in warm water, got a cotton ball and soaked it up and put it on my tooth and bit it, and it actually helps. I can bite down without it hurting so much. My tooth is sore because I was massaging it earlier instead of leaving it alone. But using these powders do actually help.

I have never had a tooth ache like this, and I cant get a root canal, because the tooth is way paste saving it, so until I get it pulled, I have to use this method. Believe me I know how you feel, it sucks big time. All these other remedies I have heard work too, so whatever you feel comfortable with, try it and see what works best for you.

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