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My grandmother did this for all six of her kids, my mom is the sixth and does this for my brother and me. You can either make it a sandwhich or an open-faced sandwhich, and can even toast the bread if you want to. Ok finally here's the cure, you put mustard on the bread and in a few minutes the tummy ache is gone. I have even just ate the mustard because it's the mustard's acidity that is what's making it go away, the bread just makes it easier/tastier. You probably shouldn't put anything else like meat or lettuce and the other foods that go in a sandwhich.

Hope you feel better soon! I know I do.

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C.A. from Draper, UT

My wife complains of stomach aches regularly. I wanted to help her, so looked on the net for something that really worked. When I told her of the # of positive comments about the mustard, she said something like...'Oh, you want to kill me, huh?' She didn't believe. I read her 10-15 of the positive comments and she finally succumbed. She likes mustard, so it really as hard for her as for others maybe. About a minute later she said, 'It's beginning to feel better.' Then 3-4 minutes later she said 'I can't believe it! It's gone!' She's now a believer. Try it! You'll like it! (If you have a stomach ache that is).

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