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My grandmother did this for all six of her kids, my mom is the sixth and does this for my brother and me. You can either make it a sandwhich or an open-faced sandwhich, and can even toast the bread if you want to. Ok finally here's the cure, you put mustard on the bread and in a few minutes the tummy ache is gone. I have even just ate the mustard because it's the mustard's acidity that is what's making it go away, the bread just makes it easier/tastier. You probably shouldn't put anything else like meat or lettuce and the other foods that go in a sandwhich.

Hope you feel better soon! I know I do.

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I walked into work this morning with the worst stomach ache ever. It was so bad it hurt to walk. I searched for a remedy & the mustard sandwich came up. I tryed it & it worked like magic. Thanks mustard sandwich =)

Ray Ray

Mustard remedy is fo real yo.... dropped that shit 10 minutes ago... and my ache is dusted....

peace muthafuckers

The Troll

Downed a TBSP of mustard and feel a little better after 10 mins. I've heard a shot of vinegar will do the same thing or even work better.

This didn't completely get rid of my ache, but it did help. Maybe I'll down some vinegar if it comes back.


THIS does work and I am a 'HATER and Non-Believer' of many things....It made me burp and get the bloating out...And for the person that use the tums or a lemon example....After every morning after the club...I would drink a pure lemon in water...and my stomach felt wonderful!


Note: mustard is an emetic. meaning mustard in large quantities makes you throw up. not a good thing if you are nauseous or vomiting.


I get instestinal cramps as opposed to nausea and vomiting. Good ole' Lupus w/ secondary Crohn's. Tonight started with terrible cramps. It's 3:30 am and here I am trolling for remedies because the 'script isn't helping. Lo and behold I find this mustard one.

Pain isn't completely gone, but it is MUCH better and I feel like I can sleep now...aside from my husband's snoring. Totally worth the 10 seconds to make the sammich. :)

Thanks SO much for posting it!




It made me throw up. I have the worst tummy ache ever


thanks a lot worked for me!!!!!! I will remember this and will suggest to every one


thank you soooooo much!!!!!! i had a stomach ache for two days and i tried this and it worked!

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