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My grandmother did this for all six of her kids, my mom is the sixth and does this for my brother and me. You can either make it a sandwhich or an open-faced sandwhich, and can even toast the bread if you want to. Ok finally here's the cure, you put mustard on the bread and in a few minutes the tummy ache is gone. I have even just ate the mustard because it's the mustard's acidity that is what's making it go away, the bread just makes it easier/tastier. You probably shouldn't put anything else like meat or lettuce and the other foods that go in a sandwhich.

Hope you feel better soon! I know I do.

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Wow, this is a great remedy! Thank you so much, it was greatly appreciated. :)


this made me feel horrible like i was dying i wouldnt try this one


I just gave this a try and my stomach is feeling a little better. I will have to keep trying it to be fully sure it works! Thanks!


didnt help for me. Only for 5 minutes, but I think that was the placebo effect.

my kid had a kind of stomach flu, with a lot of gas, This is day 3, so the vomitting is over.


I had a nasty stomach virus with an awful stomach ache. I tried 1 tsp. of yellow mustard on white bread and my stomach pain was gone instantly!!!

It's a miracle remedie in my opinion!


I was skeptical about this, for sure, but I ate just one tsp of mustard... felt bad for a bit, and all of a sudden, the pain was completely gone.

This works! (for me, at least)


im not a big fan of mustard but this stomach ache sucks and listening to pink floyd is the only thing that helps it =P
i ate about a teaspoon of mustard on a peice of bread and it didnt help much
7UP and pink floyd works too

mr stomach-ache free

it got to the point were id try anything the weirdest thing is it worked rely quite well thanks for that!!!!


I think I feel better. thanks.


GREAT tip. i had a horrible stomach ache bent over in 2, since early this morning. by grace of god i found this and it WORKS, i am impressed and will ALWAYS remember this one!!

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