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Grandma Lola

A five year old's weightloss tips:

Ok ...seriously folks! One day my 5 year old grand-daughter gave me her tips on weightloss as follows:

- Eat all your vegetables.
- When you are hungry, drink lots of water.
- When you are tired, take a nap.
- After your nap, go to the store and buy more vegetables.

Wow!! She covered it all! ... Eat right (eat all your vegetables), drink lots of water, get plenty of rest (take a nap) and get your exercise (go shopping). So there you have it! If a 5 year old can figure this out, we should be able to as well.

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LOL good girl! This is very smart! (and true) my 5 year old won't let his grandmother eat fatty foods ... he basically hides foods high in front from eh? Yet he seems to fill up on all the icecream he wants! lol cute!


That is so adorable!!! I always knew kids were smarter than us.


That is just one of the cutest things I have heard (read) in a while. She has something there. Kids are amazing.


too cute!!!! i have a 5 yr old niece and if i took her advice i would be eating cookies all day!!! i like this plan a little better!!! lol


That's so stupid hahaha

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