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Eve E

After suffering from lymphcytic colitis from the age of 27, I have tried all the steriods, asacol(and all the drugs I had to take for the painful sides effects), donnatol, etc. If you've suffered your doctor pushed em on you too.
Eat a pro-biotic everyday, DO NOT EAT WHEAT!!!!!, and treat with pink bismuth - don't worry about the black tongue or too much metal in your body- this works better than anything to bring the inflammation down.
My cure : NO to wheat(follow a gluten free diet)!! YES to Yogurt(Bio-K or other high doses of probiotic)

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Pink Bismuth is the same thing as Pepto Bismol/Kaopectate right? People with ulcerative colitis need to be careful using that because it contains aspirin and can cause intestinal bleeding or make ulcers worse. If you have to take something to control diarrhea and other symptoms, I'd suggest using something like Immodium instead because it doesn't have any aspirin I don't think. Other than that, I agree completely with you on avoiding wheat... and medications for me (and for a lot of other people I know) don't work and usually just cause more harm than good, especially the steroids. Wheat is definitely an allergen though to a lot of people and usually manifests itself through intestinal problems... so yeah for sure, avoid wheat.


I'll have to second, I have IBS and some severe bouts of imflammation and wheat/gluten is definetly an issue for me. I am not celiac so the doctors try to tell me to eat it, but the only time I don't have bowel problems is when I stay off gluten! It's hard to get people to listen though!

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