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as said previously in this thread..Kneel on your knees with your buttocks in the air and your head down. It works! if it doesn't..try pushing it out a bit..make sure you are empty!

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This was so great! I was passing gas in no time. At one point I thought I was about to follow through!


i am having the same problem.. tried doing excatly as you suggested for about 2 min, still no luck..
do i need to do it as an exercise or just just keep head down for as long as say 10 min


ok sharted i feel great now


As soon as I tried this it worked very well


Or scoot your end up a wall; same thing. Y'know, you lay back on the floor, then use your legs to scootch your end n back up the wall.


Tried that. It worked...Unfortunately
I shit all over the bed.


Yes, this actually worked, and quickly too.

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