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I know it sounds strange, but I stopped my RLS with a bar of soap placed under the sheets at the foot of the bed.

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I tryed the bar of soap and its not working. Not sure what to try next maybe the Cal/mag/zinc.

kc husband suffers with rls..he has been taking requip for several years now...the generic does not work for him and god knows the name brand is soooo expensive. We are looking for and weird as it sounds, we will try the soap thing and tomorrow i am going to get the mag. calcium thing..bone health i believe is what it is called..we are desperate.. we will let you know what happens.


I most certainly would put a chicken's head under my mattress if it meant never having RLS again!


I recently was visiting my grandparents and told my grandma about how I rarely ever get a good nights sleep and how I never wake up feeling rested because of my RLS. She told me she's had the same problem for many years and gave me a bar of IVORY soap to put under my sheets at the foot of my bed...I've tried it the past 3 nights and I've had the best nights sleep I've had in a long time. It sounds crazy and I have not idea how it works, but I'm convinced!!!!!! Anyone suffering from RLS should at least try it...


So I have recently been dealing with what I believe is RLS. Getting no sleep and walking around my apartment at night is the only thing that calms my crazy feelings in my lower legs. I am waiting the results from my blood tests to rule out anything else, but in the meantime am willing to try anything! Except putting a mouse up my ass! So tonight I am trying the soap thing, I mean what the heck it can't make things worse and at least my sheets will smell nice! LOL! I will post back tomorrow morning with hopefully good news!

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