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I know it sounds strange, but I stopped my RLS with a bar of soap placed under the sheets at the foot of the bed.

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Sleepless in Atlanta

Night time RLS sufferer for years and discovered while on my laptop (when it is actually on my lap), RLS sets in then too. I will try the soap thing without telling my husband who also is a sufferer 2-4 nights a week. I will keep you posted on my results. G'nite!


I'm sooo trying not to laugh. I truly hope for everyone's sake that the soap works. I'm going with the calc. magnesium and Zinc pill. And ok, yes, if that doesn't work, I'll freak my husband out with the soap idea. Stranger things have......
Oh btw, here's one. Dryer sheets & water eliminate love bugs on the bumper. Now THAT is the TRUTH! Try it.


I still amazed at all these people who said they will try and 'get back to you' never does. I take it that means it didn't work? if so, post it!

I have posted that it worked for my wife. It ELIMINATED her RLS for about a month, then for whatever reason it came back. This time the soap is already on the bed, and it did not help. But after about a week of trying different things down the RLS suggestion list, she think the anti-inflammatory pills knocked it down enough where the soap magic kicked in. Now she is a happy camer again.

Maybe its all in her head, but when she is not sleeping well and suffering from this disease that no-one/ no doctor can help. A safe 'voodoo' therapy like placing a bar of soap at the foot of your bed is a welcome relieve.

k larason

My brother and my son in law . both have rls and I told them about the soap. they have both tried it and says it has worked for them, they are happy happy


So an older gentlemen at work told me to try this and i did. It did not work for me but if you have ever felt this pain you are willing to try anything. I told the doctor about it and she though i was crazy.

jason thompson

didnt work and find nothing that works, calcium, mag, soap, =zinc, baths, vinegar, so far nothing

alphabet girl

I have had RLS for a long time and I will try the calcium /Mag thing....I will keep you posted. I will not however put a mouse up my ass but am more inclined to amputate if it does not work!


hey you that said if someone told you to put a chicken under your mattress would you, mite sound weird dont knock anything till you have tried it,....and you were rude, grow up and act like a respected person.....


So, after about 5 month of first discover this soap thing for my wife. It stopped working after about 2 months. She still keep that soap under the sheets but now it does nothing to relieve her suffering.

Seemed like I'm the only person that is updating this message board on the trial and outcome. How sad


This works. For at least one night it did at least!

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